Project Description


client: Dr.Lothar Tirala
adress: Innsbruck, sonnenburgstrasse
cope of work: full planning service plus site surveillance
completion: 1990
team: georg pendl, Jan Röhne, e.senn

the house is situated on a small square in a gründerzeit quarter. the biggest part of the loft appartment is a central living-room.

it was vital to create various dwelling environments and multiple relations to the environment, to the square and the street, to the courtyard, to the roof landscape, to the mountains in the distance, by designing various views from various levels of the appartment. it was vital to break the symetry of the gründerzeit design, but still adjust to the pre-existing gabled roof. there is a dialogue between old and new, between demolition and interplay. the relation between pre-existing structures and new additions is made explicit.


Sonnenstraße 1
A-6020 innsbruck

T: +43 699 122 33 456