scope of work:

Advisory boards, Jury work, New buildings, extension, refurbishment, listed buildings

Project development, analysis of potentials of plots, investments, urban fabric

Legal framework, space planning limits, zoning plans, aspects of historical protections.

Being a longlasting member of the experts advisory committee of historically protected zones in tirol, g.pendl offers a wide experience on this field.

Work on studies, urbanistic proposals, design proposals.

Client-Tailored design, the wishes of the user and client are the important starting point of our work, then experience on the fields of historically protected environment, energy, passive house.

All planning phases step by step building permission, detail and executive planning, tendering, procuring, contractual issues.

In Austria the licensed architect is the notary of the client concerning planning and building

Site surveillance, coordination, schedules, control, statement issues

All the single steps can be ordered within a single contract or step by step according to the needs of the client.


georg pendl

georg pendl, di, staatlich befugter und beeeideter Architekt
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Amelie Richers, architect,

Maurizio tami, rendering, photograph, grafic design

Onwukamike Eke, the helping hand