Project Description


client: mpreis warenvertriebsgesellschaft
adress: Maurach/Achensee-Tirol
scope of work: full planning service
completion: 1995
team: PS-architektur, Katrin Aste
Foto: Maurizio Tami

a supermarket offers the opportunity to design a building, where the public has no prepared images in mind (as it would be in the case of a hotel, school, etc)

so the opportunity to create a new shape in the countryside is given as the resistance against new shapes is less.

the acceptance of the building was and still is very good and this shows that any resistance against new architecture has to do a lot with fixed images in the minds of the public opinion.

In the year 2004 the supermerket was extended.

Sonnenstraße 1
A-6020 innsbruck

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