Project Description


client: mpreis warenvertriebsgesellschaft
adress: sterzing-südtirol/south Tirol (italy)
scope of work: full planning service
completion: 2000
team: PS-Architektur
Foto: Günther R.Wett

the plot is in the middle of the inn-valey surrounded by a undefined built environment, which gives no determined urban framework.

therefor we made the decision to take a geografical criteria.

the building is exactly north-orientated , like the needle of a compass and might serve like that.

further the building is situated where tirol is “flat”, therefor the motive of breaching up the earth, raising up, was the second guiding idea.
the building is a pure wood-construction by elements, therefor the building time of the main structure was in situ 2 weeks

Sonnenstraße 1
A-6020 innsbruck

T: +43 699 122 33 456