Project Description


client: mpreis warenvertriebsgesellschaft
adress: Maurach/Achensee-Tirol
scope of work: full planning service
completion: 1998
team: PS-architektur, Alexander Beck
fotographer: Maurizio Tami

the building is closed by continuous walls, which have single openings. the outer skin is made of wood panels, dark red, giving the idea of earth-anchored, warm.

in th inside it turns, the colour is light yellow, fresh, cool.

all walls in the same colour, the ceiling light grey.

the views are clearly defined by the single windows, the lights comes in as well by roof openings.

beside those parts which are under the ground level the whole building is made of wood elements. the structure is not cut by the windows, is visible in these openings.

exhibited in the biennale of venice, austrian pavillon, 2004

In 2008 came an extension for the bakery.

Sonnenstraße 1
A-6020 innsbruck

T: +43 699 122 33 456