Project Description


client: AH (alpenländische Heimstätte) und NHT (neue Heimat Tirol)
adress: hall in tirol
scope of work: 1st prize competition, full planning service
completion: 2014
team: georg pendl, paula huotelin, Sylvia naschberger, Karolina Strzebala

a former agricultural area, near to the city center was used to build a social housing complex, the work was divided among to offices (1st and 2nd prize).

The town planning concept was executed according to our solution, we were the further commissioned with the planning of the western two parts of the area.

The situation along the railway needed lot of measures against noise-implications.

therefor the access goes via balconies. The 5 buildings from our office contain 132 apartments on 3 up to 5 floors.

planned and executed in passive house standard (<10 kwh/m2.a)

Sonnenstraße 1
A-6020 innsbruck

T: +43 699 122 33 456