Project Description


invited competition 

client: IIG (real estate city of Innsbruck
site: Innsbruck
team: georg pendl,  paula huotelin, Sylvia naschberger.
scale model: die Modellbauer

a quarter built in the 40ies of the last century for the südtiroler, who (were) moved to north-tirol with high quality of the outer garden spaces had to be densified by planning 400 new Apartments.

our proposal was to built the new elements concentrated at the south of the area, where nearby an important axis shall lead to more dense structures in the future and to leave the bigger part of the existing buildings unchanged for renovated. additionally we proposed to erect within the green garden-area wooden garden houses.

the project was not chosen for the second phase.

Sonnenstraße 1
A-6020 innsbruck

T: +43 699 122 33 456